• 1Fostering
    Fostering provides the opportunity to enrich a child's life by showing Christ's love in a family environment.
  • 2Adoption
    Through adoption, you have the opportunity to give a child a forever family.
  • 3Pregnant?
    Project Cuddle helps frightened girls/women through a difficult time in their lives. Some will call 1-888-628-3353 and speak

Welcome to Embrace Ministries

Baby_Face_CroppedWe are delighted that you are seeking more information about Embrace Ministries.  Whether you are interested in foster care, adoption, or are an expectant mother, we are here to help you in any way possible.  The team at Embrace desires to give you information and support to help you to make wise decisions for your family.  Please utilize the resources provided here and feel free to click the “contact us” tab so that we may address your questions and concerns via e-mail or telephone.

Recent News

want to welcome you to our new site.? Please take a look at everything and if you need more info please don’t hesitate to call us.? 870-740-7332 – Tiffany Stron

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